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Press Release: Fitness Guru Offers Novel Exercise Program and Tips to Stick with Exercise in the New Year

Press Release: Public Health Advocate Develops Novel Fitness Program to Help Adults Ease-In to Exercise, So They’ll Stick With it

The media on skeletal fitness by Mirabai Holland

"Best Workout For Bones. There's a workout video for beginning exercisers that's safe for women with low bone density. It's called Skeletal Fitness: A Workout for Your Bones...it provides an hour of resistance exercises that target the spine, hips, and wrists...recommended to osteoporosis patients by their doctors."

"No, you don't have to leave home to get a real workout. Nor do you have to bring in expensive machines. This towel workout will not only tone you all over, it also provides the extra advantage of strengthening your musculoskeletal system, which may protect you from osteoporosis. .... specifically designed to target areas vulnerable to fractures: spine, hips, femurs, and wrists."

"You know that exercise is good for your heart and your figure, but did you know its also good for your bones. That's what fitness expert Mirabai Holland wants to tell women of all ages. Her new video Skeletal Fitness starts with a 10 minute lesson on bone health. It follows with a warm up and 40 minutes of low impact stretching, light weight training and resistance exercises designed to build up bones in your shoulders, forearms, wrists, spine, hips and thighs."

"Bone up on weight bearing exercise with Skeletal Fitness: A workout for your Bones, aimed at strengthening your joints to stave off osteoporosis"