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Body Type


Whether you are a baby boomer just beginning to exercise, getting back to exercise or wanting to refine your exercise routine, your body type should play a role in how you exercise. Once you've read the article and determined your body type you can use the video sets below to desigh an exercise program that addresses your individual exercise needs. Click each picture to learn about each set

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If you eat right and exercise religiously, you can transform that body of yours into the perfect shape, right? Well, not exactly.
The truth is, there is no perfect shape except in our dreams. Any of the women you’d gladly trade bodies with will tell you about the parts they hate, and the parts they constantly work on. Genetics has determined us all to be basically one of three body types-

Ectomorph: Tall and willowy with smaller breasts and longer limbs

Endomorph: Smaller and rounder or somewhat pear-shaped and prone to holding more body fat

Mesomorph: Big boned, muscular and athletic or voluptuous looking.

We can’t totally change our body type, but, there is a lot we can do to maximize it, and as you may have guessed, exercise plays a crucial role in the way we ultimately look and feel.

EctomorphEctomorphs: need to build muscle mass, gain definition and shapeliness. Do weight training (enough weight for you to just barely do about 12 repetitions ). Start with one set per exercise and add weight when it gets too easy. Since you don’t need concentrate on calorie and fat burning, 20 minutes of cardio dance,
a brisk walk, or gentle jogging 3-4 times a week is enough for cardiovascular fitness.


EndomorphEndomorphs: need to burn calories and excess fat, so, more aerobic activity (cardio dance, walking, jogging) every day, is for you. Since you tend to carry more weight in you lower body, do sculpting with weights with an emphasis on below the belt and defining your figure

Mesomorph Mesomorphs:are naturally athletic looking. You need to maximize flexibility, maintain shape and tone without getting too bulky. Do a variety of stretch  exercises and moderate aerobic activities. You just look at weights and gain muscle so, train with light weights for figure definition.