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Mirabai's Career History

Tapping Inner Resources for Good Health

head-web-2-in-0177.jpgMirabai Holland MFA, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist & ACE Certified Health Coach

Career History

Mirabai Holland’s name is a household word among fitness industry professionals. She’s one of the top exercise program developers in the world.

Mirabai was already teaching when the fitness boom of the 80’s hit and she rode the leading edge of that wave.

In fact in 1984 New York Magazine called her the “best aerobics teacher in New York”. Actually she was already one of the best on the Planet.

She was one of the first teachers certified by The American College of Sports Medicine. She then became an ACSM workshop leader & examiner. Gold certified by ACE (the American Council on Exercise) whose instructor examination committee she went on to chair for four years.

Mirabai Holland has always been a leader in the fitness industry.

She’s been ahead of the curve of every trend.

She was the first to develop fitness accessories like the weighted workout hoop that sparked a fitness toy frenzy that continues today.

She wrote a what’s-new-in-fitness column for New Body Magazine called FITBEAT for eight years during the fitness crazed 80s and mid 90s.

She was a Pioneer in bringing exercise to the workplace.

She offered corporate worksite programs to New York Telephone (now Verizon). Forbes Magazine, Warner Communications, Equitable, to name a few.

Mirabai has been a consultant to fitness clothing, equipment and cosmetics companies including: Nike, Reebok, Everlast and Danskin; Estee Lauder and Payot of Paris

Seeing numerous injuries in fitness classes, Mirabai was among the first to develop Low impact exercise programs, today’s standard.

Mirabai recognized the value of low-to-no impact qualities of Aqua Exercise and designed Aqua classes that helped shaped the model for today's Aqua Exercise Programs.

She pioneered Kid’s fitness, and wrote two teacher’s manuals on the subject.

She brought STEP Aerobics to the Pacific Rim and designed the first destination health spa in Indonesia

Mirabai is a pioneer in Medical Exercise.

  • She was first to lecture about Medical Fitness in health clubs to club owners at major international conventions.
  • She’s written exercise programs for the National Arthritis Foundation.
  • She created the home video, Skeletal Fitness® A Workout For Your Bones – called “Best workout for bones” by Prevention Magazine.
  • She designed the first Osteoporosis Exercise Class in the United States.
  • She designed the first Women’s cardio rehab program for Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.
  • She is an active spokesperson for the National Osteoporosis Foundation, and the American Heart Association. She has served on the Heart Associations committee on preventive cardiology.
  • She’s designed and implemented exercise programs and health coaching for people with:

Congestive Heart Failure

Back Problems





Weight Control Issues

Menopausal Issues

Heart Disease



Orthopedic Issues

 She  served as Director of Fitness and Wellness Programs at the 92nd Street Y in NYC from 1997-2010 where she has developed numerous beginner, boomer and medical exercise fitness programs, many in conjunction with MD’s and hospitals, over her 13-year tenure.

A pioneer in Mind-Body Fitness, Mirabai developed her signature Moving Free® Technique which combines slow dynamic movements, static stretches and Mirabai’s modified interpretations of standard exercises.

Moving Free® provides a movement experience so pleasant, it doesn’t feel like work. – which brings us to the present day.


Mirabai Holland MFA - Now

Mirabai is passionate about fitness – not hard body, pump-you-up fitness, but helping people be fit enough to be comfortably functional into their old age.

But over 50% of our population is de-conditioned. That means no exercise at all. These are people for whom a half hour brisk walk is out of the question.

And as Baby Boomers reach senior status, this number is starting to explode.

She observed that most people who start a fitness program quit after a short while. And no matter how many times they try, they always quit.

“When starting out, most people have every good intention of sticking with an exercise routine to get in shape or lose weight,” says Holland. “However, they often get frustrated because it’s either too difficult or not tailored to their specific needs.”  

Exercise is important for people of all ages, from the very young to the very old, Holland says. “Research shows that engaging in regular physical activity promotes good health. It reduces the risk for a number of chronic diseases and premature death. Exercise also provides a feel-good, psychological boost.”

Holland’s experience led her to develop a novel exercise program she says anyone can do by allowing them to ease into it, going at their own pace. The Moving Free® Ease-In program, released on DVD, is geared toward people who have never exercised, have been physically inactive for an extended period, or have tried unsuccessfully to develop a fitness habit in the past. The Ease-In program is also available as part of an on-line fitness club membership.

Ease-in is the first in her series of 4 Moving Free® Longevity Solution Videos which provide a system for people to progress to any desired fitness level while staying in their comfort zone.

Mirabai is also using her personal relationships with MDs and health professionals like RDs, to make information on how exercise and health go hand in hand more accessible.

She is the creator of several home exercise videos that are Customer Top Rated on QVC and Amazon. Mirabai has been an expert resource for several media outlets including New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Magazine, Instyle Magazine, Aetna, Prevention Magazine, Health Monitor, Today's Diet & Nutrition, & numerous TV & Radio appearances as a Health & Fitness expert including the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Nightly News, CNN, New York 1, Fox News, and a Nationally Syndicated Women's Health Series produced by ABC, and Doctor Radio. She writes regularly for the Huffington Post and Dr. Oz's ShareCAre. Her health and fitness information blog, Moving Free® With Mirabai is syndicated in several publications as well as part of the Fashion Flash Women Over 40 Blog Consortium.

Topics range from pre-hab to avoid rehab, sport specific exercises for golf and tennis, best exercises for cancer survivors, to beginners easing into the best shape of their lives.

Mirabai is poised to be the person boomers and seniors turn to for exercise and health info.

This is aided by her media experience and the fact she co-owns NuVue Digital Media, Inc. a Video Production/Post Production Company and Facility, NuVue Digital Media Inc., with her Emmy Award Winning Producer husband. Their mission: to bring entertaining Wellness Lifestyle content to their generation, 50+.  “We want to give people the info they need to make informed lifestyle choices,” Mirabai says.

Her exercise motto is " Exercise Should Be A Pleasure Not A Chore!