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Health professionals – from doctors to physical therapists – often focus only on the single part of the person that needs healing -- whether it’s your heart or a rotator cuff. A specialist may not consider other medications you are taking, stress factors in your personal life like work and family that affect your health, or even your daily diet.

To start improving your physical health, it’s important to look at all the factors in your life that affect it. Start where you are.

If you can only manage a few minutes a day, because you don’t have the physical endurance to do more, that’s okay. Set aside – give yourself – that time. As you get stronger, you will find yourself wanting to do more.



Start shifting away from processed and prepared foods to fresh, healthy foods you enjoy. They are the comfort foods that will help you age healthfully

Diet & Nutrition

Making movement part of an everyday routine is proven to help people sleep better.

Your home and work environments can be sources of pleasure or sources of stress. Some environments may even be physically or psychologically unhealthy. Yet so many of us live and work in conditions that are just not good for us. It may be as simple as getting rid of the clutter or as tough as finding a new career. But it is essential to change the things you can change for the better. . Some health problems also may result from constant exposure to the many chemical combinations in the environment, including scented and cleaning products, or subtle stressors like electromagnetic fields from computers or power plants. Few studies have been conducted on the effects of these environmental factors.

Stress Reduction

Stress linked to numerous health issues including premature aging and decreased longevity. The good news is that you can control a lot of this.

This is the place – the space – for you to restore and rejuvenate your physical and mental energy. Ease into more movement today.