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Senior Exercise Videos Mirabai Holland

red-leotard-yellow-band-row.jpgSenior Exercise Videos, “Get Strong, Live Long”

I’ve been teaching exercise since 1970. And as my friends, my family and I age, I now teach Senior Exercise, and make Senior Exercise Videos.  I see my Exercise Motto: “Get Strong, Live Long” holding true.  To have a look at my Senior Exercise videos, click the picture.

Senior exercise is not what it used to be. A few short years ago, senior exercise meant super-duper gentle,  going through the motions, but not really doing much, and calling it exercise. But recent science has shown that most of us can build up to serious, life altering, exercise at any age. We just have to be smart about it.

All of my exercise programs employ my signature Moving Free® Technique. It re-trains your body to move more naturally, the way it was designed to move. It helps you get some of that youthful mobility and flexibility back, improves posture, helps lubricates the joints, and it strengthens the core, and limbs.

By age 60 we’ve all got health issues to work around. And those issues won’t go away. But we can manage, minimize, and even start to reverse some of them with exercise. Exercise is part of the prescription for virtually every age onset health issue. Being fit can reduce your chances of premature death by 50%.

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red-leo-tard-low-kick-blue-shoe.jpgMy senior exercise formula is simple. Start where you’re comfortable. When that get’s too easy, add a little intensity. When that gets too easy, add a little more. “Get strong and live long.”