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Weight Loss

healthy-food-choices-7178.jpgWhen we think of diet and nutrition, the first thing that comes to mind is weight loss. That’s because most of us have always got at least a few pounds to lose.  Then, once you lose the weight, the trick is to maintain the weight you have lost and not gain it back

The key elements of maintaining a proper weight are learning to control portion size, eating a balanced diet, getting in touch with your hunger and exercising on a regular basis. Though exercise has always helped to burn calories, lose body fat and keep muscle tone, exercise alone will not keep your weight in check.



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Eating only when you are truly hungry can help you stay on track. Many of us engage in emotional eating: we eat when bored, depressed angry or even happy.

To curb this tendency we must reckon with our inner selves.

This can be getting on a scale, putting on a pair of pants that use to fit, and writing down what we are putting into our mouths.

For me, maintaining my proper weight is a constant struggle but it is one I embrace and so can you.

Remember, the real reason for food is to keep us alive and well.

Here are some of my thoughts about food choices and nutrition that will help you eat healthy for the rest of your life.

Was it Einstein who said “I talk to myself in order to have an intelligent conversation”? Maybe it was Buddha.

Anyhow, I’m in a conversation with myself right now. I’m trying to knock off a few winter pounds, (If you think being a fitness pro makes you immune think again) and I find talking to myself is not so crazy. We all need a support system. Mine happens to be me.

So every night before I go to bed, I have a little chat with myself. I plan my meals for the next day and approximate calories, and the type of exercise I am going to do. I like to switch it up so I’m not doing the same thing every day, which sometimes requires a little more planning.
I get my workout clothes and other stuff ready the night before so I have no excuse and I tell myself what a good idea that was.

Although I teach classes and work with clients, my body has gotten use to that, so when I want to lose weight, I need to do more.
For motivation, I talk to myself about a piece of clothing I’m determined to get into.

I put myself on a realistic, achievable timeline. So, if I’m trying to lose five pounds I give myself about 5-6 weeks.

Now this sounds like I’m really in charge doesn’t it? But I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

For instance, this morning my husband brought home a bag of bagels for breakfast.

As soon as I saw them, calorie numbers started to flash in my brain. So instead of denying myself all together, I told myself I could have a serving that would equal the calories, if not the nutrition, of the oatmeal I was about to prepare. And I must say I savored every bite.

As I ate my half a bagel watching my husband eat a bagel and half, I told myself that I made the right choice. I had my taste, and I was thankful for it, and I wanted those pounds off more than I wanted the rest of that bagel.

So if you are looking for some support, why not try talking to your best friend, you!