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FABULOSIfabulosity-600-on-pink-bkgd-20220731-123654-copy.jpgTY®: The Spirit of Being Fabulous!


here with a formula for being Fabulous Forever!

What do I mean by Fabulous Forever?

Well, Fabulous Forever is feeling young no matter how old you get

It’s living a healthy lifestyle and slowing down your aging clock

It’s having the strength to pick up those grocery bags and having the energy to put in a full day and the stamina to feel like doing something afterwards, like going dancing, or visiting friends.

Fabulous Forever is wearing a hat if you want to and not feeling ridiculous.

It’s speaking your mind and liking yourself just the way you are.

Fabulous Forever is knowing you’re Fabulous right now and you’re going to do whatever it takes to stay Fabulous and get Fabulouser

Everyone wants to be Fabulous but we think it’s just going to be too hard

Well, what would you do if I told you I could show you how to open a portal Fabulous Forever. Easy gradual lifestyle changes and recognizing your own creativity and potential unlock that portal. Ease-in. Don’t try to do it all at once.

Eventually you’re going to feel so good you’re going to always eat better, move every day and live healthier. You may feel so good you’ll want to take a course in astrophysics, or something.

To get you started, I've recommended a few links to some of Mirabai Holland's Health & Lifestyle Info videos. Click on the pictures below.

 salt-link-thumb-copy.jpg      prehab-copy.jpg 

 SALT & YOUR HEALTH                                   PREHAB TO AVOID REHAB


club-thumb-copy.jpg      lose-to-win-thumb-copy.jpg




I’m FABULOSITY , the spirit of being fabulous, and I can show you portals and stuff.

But I don’t have the power to just wave my wand around and make all your wishes come true. But I do have the power to empower.

So, by the power vested in me by your potential fabulousness, I hereby empower YOU,

Ease into the best shape of your life, slow down your aging clock, and grant your own wish to be Fabulous Forever!