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Beginner Exercise Videos Mirabai Holland

red-leotard-pull-back.jpgBeginner Exercise, The Right Way to Start an Exercise Program

Beginner’s Exercise by Mirabai Holland on DVD and  Online, On Demand. If you’re a beginner or you haven’t been exercising for a while and need to start over, consider Mirabai Holland’s Beginner Exercise Videos on DVD as the place to start. Research Shows that beginners often fail at getting fit because they start with a program that’s just too too soon. The routine is unsustainable for beginners, so they quit . Easing in makes a lot more sense. It sets you up to succeed not fail.

With Mirabai’s Ease-in Beginners exercise DVD you can start with as little as 5 minutes of Beginner Level exercise a day, and build up to a 30-minute workout gradually, at your own pace, in your own comfort zone. (30 Minutes a day is the amount of exercise recommended by the National Institutes of Health.)









red-leotard-side-stretch.jpgHere’s how it works.

The Beginners Exercise DVDtitled Ease-in, contains 6 separate workouts ranging form 5 minutes to 30 minutes. There’s a 5, a 10, a 15, a 20, a 25, and a 30-minute workout.

Start with the 5-minute, easy workout. When it feels too easy, click on 10. When that’s too easy click on 15, and so on. When you get up to 25 minutes, you’ll start to use the 4-foot beginners level latex resistance band that comes packed right in the box.
Once you’re able to do the 30 minute workout comfortably, You’re at level 1. You’re ready for Mirabai’s Trilogy of Level 1 DVDs, Level 1 Cardio, Strength and Stretch. If those eventually get too easy, 
Mirabai has a trilogy of Level 2 DVDs.
Mirabai’s Beginner at home exercise programs may just be the ticket to getting fit and staying fit for a lifetime.