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Exercise & Orthopedic Issues


Orthopedic problems are a major health issue worldwide. This is a growing problem particularly among baby boomers. Both women and men are both at risk. Job-related conditions like standing all day or performing repetitive motions can lead to overuse injuries. And being out of shape and overweight are leading contributors to orthopedic injuries and chronicprehab-rotator-cuff.jpg orthopedic problems. But active adults are not immune. In fact there are about 28 million reported orthopedic injuries each year in the USA alone. Accidents happen and excellent rehab is available. But a lot of orthopedic problems are preventable.ere are some exercise programs that can help. Click each picture to pick your best fit.

Prehab is one of the best ways to avoid Rehab. Developing your proprioceptive sense awareness of where your body is in space — is a good start. It helps you avoid awkward movements that can cause injury and perform daily tasks with ease and grace. And it improves your sense of balance to help prevent falls.



There are exercise programs that focus on proprioception like Mirabai Holland’s Moving Free® technique, Tai-Chi and certain yoga exercises. Strengthening areas at risk for orthopedic injury is another component of Prehab. This kind of Prehab comes in two forms:

  • rehab-rotator-cuff.jpgGeneral Prehab for daily living as part of a personal wellness program, looks at the body as a whole, and develops it as a whole to maximize quality of life. This often includes strength training, cardio conditioning and core training, as well as some proprioceptive exercises.
  • Activity Specific Prehab designed to get you ready for the rigors of a particular sport or physical endeavor. Good Activity Specific exercises pay special attention to the body parts most involved in that activity without ignoring the concept of training the body as a whole.