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Live Long


The Baby Boomer

When we reach our 40s, 50s and beyond we start to see our parents become less physically able. We look down the road at our own final decades and see that we, too, may not be as mobile healthy and vigorous – unless we start now to change our fitness habits for the better.

Fitness = Longevity

farmers-market.jpgFitness equals a longer life and better quality of life. No one can reverse or stop the aging clock – but we can slow it down As you plan the second half of your life you want it to be as long and prosperous as possible. You want independence, mobility, health, and peace of mind. You want the strength and stamina to meet the demands of every day life, to continue to go for your dreams and juggle the life you’ve built. You know that regardless of what you’ve done in the past, you have to start living differently now, right now. You’re suddenly faced with the need to protect and maximize your health, prevent catastrophic illness, manage degenerative disease and maybe make up for years of neglect. This can be a daunting task. And you’re legitimately concerned about it how you’re going to manage it.

tai-chi.jpgFor every challenge there’s a solution and fitness expert and public health activist Mirabai Holland MFA has spent her thirty-year career creating that solution.
Her Moving Free® approach to health and fitness is a comprehensive program of exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and medical care designed to ease you into the best shape of your life and slow down your aging clock. Everyone wants to live a healthy, low stress life but most of us never do because we think it’s just too hard.
Moving Free® technique provides an experience so pleasant, it doesn’t feel like work. You set your own readily achievable goals, progress at your own pace and get tangible results, virtually immediately.