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Skeletal Fitness by Mirabai Holland

A Workout For Your Bones

A 1 hour Bone Loading video to help combat osteoporosis by leading exercise expert, Mirabai Holland, M.F.A.

Bones are living tissue and become more dense with  exercise.
Studies show that tennis players, through repeated practice, will develop thicker, stronger bones in their racquet arm than in their other arm. This process is called bone loading. Skeletal Fitness  by Mirabai Holland® is a comprehensive bone loading program for the whole body, with special emphasis on the areas at risk for osteoporotic fracture: the spine, thigh bone at the hip, and forearm at the wrist.

“Finally, with Skeletal Fitness, I have a video to refer to my patients that focuses on weight bearing exercise and strength training, for the prevention and treatment of spinal and appendicular osteoporosis. The routine presented in Skeletal Fitness ™ is devoid of any activities associated with an increased risk of osteoporotic fracture, such as spinal flexion, or high impact activities, usually found on other tapes. The program in Skeletal Fitness™ is an outstanding example of a ‘weight bearing’ exercise program I prescribe as part of the total treatment plan for the management of osteoporosis. 

Jan I. Maby, DO  Medical Director, Cobble Hill Health Center, NY
“I have reviewed the Skeletal Fitness: Preventing Osteoporosis program of Mirabai Holland. It is a well thought out  and informative approach to the subject it deals with and I find nothing in it that would be medically contraindicated. I therefore endorse it as part of a comprehensive approach to the prevention of Osteoporosis”.

Burton L. Berson MD, F.A.C.S. Chief of Sports Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NYC Member of American Academy of Sports Medicine

The Skeletal Fitness  Video includes:

·   A one-on-one bone loading workout divided into 6 color coded  sections 
·    making it easy for beginners to stop and go, or fast forward to any section that needs work. Advanced exercisers can do the full body workout end to end.

·   Plus 2 information sections packed with important facts and illustrations about your bones and Osteoporosis.  PRICE: $19.95


Contact: Mirabai Holland, www.mirabai@movingfree.com