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Mirabai Holland Moving Free Technique

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Moving Free® Technique by Mirabai Holland


red-leotard-low-kick.jpgMoving Free® Technique by Mirabai Holland develops body awareness and enables an individual to move more freely with the mechanics of the body rather than working against it. “All of my  home exercise videos are based on my Moving Free®  Exercise Technique. Click the picture to check them out. And, read all about it below.

Thanks!” – Mirabai












tai-chi-lunge.jpgThe human body is designed to move, work and strengthen itself in the process.

But our mechanized lives have caused us to lose touch with many of the movements our bodies used to make but no longer make. When was the last time you needed to climb a tree or a cliff-face, pick corn by hand all day or build a shelter?

Sports and Fitness activities help get some of that movement back. But, because we’ve forgotten how to use the full set of movements our bodies are capable of, those activities often feel tedious and difficult, and we’re only getting part of the benefit.






tai-chi-1.jpgThere’s a mind-body connection that dancers and athletes are trained to tap into every day that allows them to perform with ease, fluidity and enjoyment. Your activity should provide the same type of experience and be one that you enjoy and want to do every day.

Moving Free® reawakens the body’s natural movements, strengthen you thoroughly and provides  better mental clarity.

This is accomplished by:

  • Learning the principles of correct body placement and alignment and applying them to simple movements and exercise
  • Gaining a fuller range of movement by developing more flexibility in muscles and joints
  • Integration of body with mind by using mental images to gain access to parts of the body that are less aware and have more trouble engaging in physical activity

tai-chi-core-balance.jpgThe result is a stronger, more supple, youthful, more useable body, and something even more remarkable. It helps you create a more peaceful state of being and opens a door to mindfulness and healing. When you’re in tune with yourself you can more readily make the changes and do the things you’ve been meaning to do.








tai-chi-standing-balancre.jpgMovement, used for millennia in Eastern cultures as a centering and healing modality, is finally being recognized by Western science and medicine. Movement and exercise are now part of the treatment and management of virtually every medical condition. It’s recommended by doctors, and the government as a key to a long, healthy life. Health insurance companies are offering premium discounts to people who participate in physical activity programs.







tai-chi-lying-leg-up-stretch.jpgSo why not start at the beginning. Relearn what you’ve lost. Proceed with the full use of the body you were born with. Natural movement is the best fitness tool.

Mirabai Holland’s Moving Free® Technique is the basis for all her at home exercise programs.