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Fabulous Forever Easy Aerobics

Slow Down Your Aging Clock.

The hardest part is getting started. This home video makes it easy.
Specially designed by women's fitness expert, and public health activist,
Mirabai Holland M.F.A. using her Moving FreeTM  approach to exercise which provides a movement experience so pleasant, it doesn't feel like work. You really can ease into the best shape of your life just by Moving FreeTM along with Mirabai.
But she doesn’t stop there. Mirabai includes a six + minute information section that gives you the tools you need to jumpstart your aerobics program.
Here’s a breakdown by time.

Video (about 42 min.) Includes:
Info Section:6:20 Includes:
Benefits of Aerobic exercise
Do's and Don’ts
Your Target Heart Rate Zone
Exercise Section: about 34 min. Includes:
Warm-up - 5:30
Easy Low-impact Aerobics 20:30
Cool-down and Stretch - 8 min.

Price: $19.95 (+$6 shipping and handling)