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" An Ounce of Prehab Is Worth A Pound of Rehab" says, Mirabai Holland.

February 21, 2013

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“An Ounce of Prehab is Worth a Pound of Rehab”

Mirabai Holland expands the scope of her acclaimed Skeletal Fitness® Osteoporosis Exercise Program

February 2013 – Mirabai Holland, creator of the acclaimed Skeletal Fitness® Osteoporosis Exercise Program, has expanded the scope of her best-selling bone-loading strength workout with the release of a second DVD in the Skeletal Fitness series. The new DVD, titled Skeletal Fitness by Mirabai Holland® 2: Interval Cardio/Strength,   (https://www.mirabaiholland.com/new-skeletal-fitness-by-mirabai-holland-interval-cardio-strength/) (addresses agility and fall prevention issues associated with osteoporosis.

Mirabai’s original DVD in the series, Skeletal Fitness by Mirabai Holland®: A Workout for Your Bones,” (https://www.mirabaiholland.com/skeletal-fitness-by-mirabai-holland-osteoporosis-exercise-dvd/) was first released in 1997 and recognized as “Best Workout For Bones” by Prevention magazine. The DVD has gone through four revisions to keep the data current. It’s a strength workout focusing on full-body, weight-bearing exercise.

The new DVD comprises 10-minute intervals of weight-bearing cardio dance movements alternated with intervals of weight bearing and resistance bone-loading upper body strength exercises. The routine helps prevent or manage osteoporosis, protects the cardiovascular system, strengthens and sculpts all at once.

“I decided to turn Skeletal Fitness into a series of DVDs because osteoporosis is a huge age-related issue that’s shaping up to be a monumental problem,” Mirabai says. “With 12,000 baby boomers turning 65 daily and with half of women over the age of 50 projected to have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime, we women need to do everything we can to stave off this ugly disease.

We’ve known since the ’70s that bone loading works. Studies with tennis players show that bones in the racquet arm grow stronger and more dense than the bones in the non-racquet arm, just as a result of whacking a ball back and forth. So my expanded Skeletal Fitness program is a fun, easy-to-do form of bone-loading.”

Mirabai adds, “We can reduce the impact of osteoporosis in much the same way that seatbelts have reduced injuries in car crashes. Remember, an ounce of prehab is worth a pound of rehab!”

Later this year, Mirabai plans to release two additional DVDs in the Skeletal Fitness series. The first, a core and balance workout, will address spinal protection and fall prevention issues, and the last one will be aimed at people with limited mobility.

Both of Mirabai’s Skeletal Fitness and other individual DVDs retail for $19.95 at www.mirabaiholland.com

Here’s a link to Mirabai’s bio: https://www.mirabaiholland.com/pages/About-Mirabai.html

About Moving Free With Mirabai Holland M.F.A.

When Mirabai Holland started teaching Moving Free® classes she never dreamed she’d develop exercise videos and DVDs for people with various health issues including rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, orthopedic issues, asthma, depression and obesity.

But as she taught, Mirabai discovered she had a group of people with this diverse set of health issues. She observed and interviewed her clients. She researched each of their problems. And she kept her classes small enough to give individuals the specific exercise modifications they needed to progress. A year later, they were doing things they had thought they could never do.

These results prompted Mirabai to spend her career designing exercise protocols for specific health problems using her Moving Free® technique, in which she combines slow dynamic movements, static stretches and modified traditional exercises. Working with specialist MDs and their patients, Mirabai has refined these programs into the exercise classes that she teaches in her practice. Several of these now have become recognized both nationally and internationally in video format available for home use.

# # #Note: Editors are welcome to use any photos posted on Mirabai’s website www.mirabaiholland.com for use in their articles about Mirabai’s exercise regimens and videos.

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